Sharon Youngblood

Independent Director

Sharon Youngblood serves as a board member of Spring Valley Acquisition Corp II. Dr. Youngblood is a biologist with training in the fields of immunology and molecular genetics. She has served on the faculty of several institutions, and has been a consultant in the Biomedical applications in the semiconductor industry. Dr. Youngblood has held research associate positions at both the Howard Hughes Institute and the Molecular Cardiology department at University of Texas Southwestern. After completing almost 20 years in scientific research, she moved into non-profit work. She has served on five boards over the past 30 years with a focus on wildlife, conservation, sustainability and education. After receiving a BS in biophysics from Southern University, she completed her PhD at MIT, followed by postdoctoral training at University of Texas Southwestern. Dr. Youngblood belongs to numerous organizations including the National Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, WWF, The Sierra Club, Ocean Conservancy and Nature Conservancy.

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